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Used Steam Boilers and Paper Mill Equipment for Sale. Including Pulp Mill, Power Plant, Steam Plant and other Surplus Papermaking Machinery .

2200 HP Superior Firetube Boiler and Economizer; Natural Gas Fired

2200 HP Superior Firetube Boiler and Economizer; Natural Gas Fired; Design Pressure: 150 PSIG. Superior Apache 2-Pass Dryback Scotch Marine Package Boiler Model 8-X-11000-S150-GPCF-G. Natural Gas firing rate IN 92,400 CFH at 1000 BTU/CF; 2200 Boiler HP (73,645 MBTU) Steam OUT ASME Nat'l Bd# 16198. A Cleaver Brooks Lo NOx < 30 ppm and 0.0364 lbs. per MMBTU burner was installed in 2015, Model LNXLG-924, serial 58734-1. Year of Manufacture: 2007. Includes controls and firing monitoring, gas train, forced draft blower, Kunkle safety valves 6x8" and 4x6" both set at 100 psig. Boiler dimensions are approx 151" w x 302" L x 153" tall. Approx overall floor space needed: 43.6 ft L x 19.3 ft W x 13.2 ft T (not including safety valves and economizer and stack). Cain economizer model RJR-166K26ALS. Stainless steel. Stack is Van-Packer Model DW 36" ID x 20'-9" long, ss304 insulated. See drawing and manual for verification. Weight empty approx 121,000 pounds. Idled 2018.