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Paper Mill Associations and Professional Organization

http://www.tappi.or - With over 32,000 members worldwide, TAPPI is the world's largest professional organization dedicated to the Paper and Pulp Industries - American Forest and Paper Association. National association of the forest, paper and wood products industries - Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (CPPA

http://www.aifq.qc.c - Québec Forest Industries Association. Features include profile of industry, jobs, exports, statistics, history, geography, contact information, and educational games

http://www.pphsa.on.c - Pulp and Paper Health and Safety Associatio

http://pima-online.or - PIMA, for management professionals in the paper and pulp industry. Stated purpose is "to contribute to the strength of the international pulp and paper community by providing the means for [its] members to address relevant industry issues and to develop their management and leadership skills.