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Machine Listing - Disk Refiners

IEN 126189
Manufacturer Sprout Waldron - Andritz
HP 3000 HP
Equipment Class Stock Preparation
Model 45-1B

  45-1B Disk Refiner, Andritz, 3000 HP, Completely Rebuilt. To Include: Disassembly, inspection, and rebuild of the Rotor Sleeve Fit, Stator, Disc Face, Base with new custom oil hoses, FE Pedestal, TE Pedestal, Swing Door / Plate Holder, Plate Adjusting Assembly, Rotary Air Seal, Door Throat Liner, Bearings. 45-1B Refiner General Overhaul Operations: Steam clean the interior and exterior of oil tank of base. Sandblast and coat with rust preventive. Plane both top and bottom surfaces to within .002 T.I.R. if necessary. Trim side register .030 to allow for alignment of stator and pedestals. Dynamically balance Rotor and Disc assembly to ISO standard G1.0., Qualify all bearings for optimum mounted internal clearance. Assemble bearings, housings, and seal assemblies on the shaft and set thrust bearing end play. Assemble the refiner complete, installing new oil piping, hoses, and drains. Connect oil system, and fill tank with oil for test running. Test run refiner for 1 hour to establish assembled refiner vibration and bearing sound levels. Paint and detail all parts. Prepare refiner for delivery to customer.