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Machine Listing - Package Boilers

IEN 126196
Capacity 54.5 MT/Hr.
Year 2015
Equipment Class Powerhouse Steam Plant Equipment
Pressure Design: 600 PSI at 730 F
Type Industrial Package Boiler
Manufacturer Rentech Boiler Systems

  120,000 Lb./Hr. Rentech Natural Gas Package Boiler, 600 PSI, 730 F Superheated Steam. New in 2014 with Less Than 2 Months Run Time (January 2016-February 2016 then Sealed with Nitrogen Preservative), Coen DRMB Ultra Low NOx Rapid Mix Burner Capacity 169.9 MMBtu/Hr, 84,005 Btu/Hr-Ft3 Volumetric Heat Release Rate, 100% Membrane Wall Design with SA178A ERW Tubes 2" OD on 4" Centers, Convection Superheater, Economizer, Forced Draft Fan Manufactured By Twin City Type BCS-SW, Size 445, with 250 HP, with Teledyne Advanced Pullution Monitoring System Model T200M, with Allen Bradley Logic System for Burner Management, MCC, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping and Duct Work. All available technical documentation, engineering, and drawings are included. Mfg: Rentech.