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Machine Listing - Calenders

IEN 126031
Equipment Class Online Calender
Model Janus MK2
Width 244" Trim
Age of Equipment Early 2000's
Speed 900 - 1200 M/min
Manufacturer Voith

  244” Voith Janus 8-roll On-machine Calender. This Hot Soft Nip calender is balanced for a maximum speed of 4000 FPM. It Operated at 3000 FPM producing high gloss grade papers in line with a paper machine. The multiroll calender is the latest technology, new in the early 2000’s. It includes the hot oil system and any available spare parts as well as drive components. The Voith Janus calender offers the option to produce standard newsprint, in addition to SC grades, in either the very top or very bottom calender nip. In the case of wood-free coated papers, for example, the Janus calender enables 50 plus to high-gloss grades. In the case of uncoated papers, newsprint or improved newsprint can be produced in addition to SC qualities (SC-A, SC-B). Available immediately.