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Machine Listing - Disk Refiners

IEC 126190
Diameter 42" Disk Diameter
Model 42" Twin Flow EMA
Manufacturer Andritz Sprout Waldron
Equipment Class Disk Refiners for Pulp
Type Rebuilt Equipment

  42" Twin Flow EMA, Sprout Waldron, Completely Rebuilt. Immediately Available. This unit was completely disassembled and a full comprehensive inspection performed. Including NDT of critical parts. Includes a new shaft installed and a repaired disc, faced and balanced to factory specifications. New packing and agitator sleeves are also installed. The plate holder was weld repaired and machined back to specifications. The TE casing has a new SS liner installed and a support ring on the OD of the casing. This casing was also machined back to specification. The unit has all new bearings, seals, packing and a new casing seal. The plate adjusting drive motor and gear box were inspected and test ran. All heli-coils were replaced and holes tapped. The unit has all plate faces trammed to within .003.